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Date: Sat Apr 17 2004 - 16:54:46 EDT

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    At 09:03 -0700 2004-04-17, John Hudson wrote:
    >Michael Everson wrote:
    >>So for me, MIDDLE DOT is to COLON as MODIFIER
    >This would make the mid-dot too high. The top
    >dot of the colon usually sits toward the top of
    >the x-height; the *mid*-dot should sit lower,
    >optically midway up the x-height (which means
    >slightly higher than the actual halfway mark).
    >The top dot of a colon is typically closer to
    >the height of the Greek ano teleia, which aligns
    >with the x-height (and which should align with
    >the cap height in all-cap settings, and with the
    >small-cap height in smallcap settings).

    John, I just don't believe you. I don't believe
    that in all the history of Greek and Catalan
    typography this careful hairsplitting has
    *always* taken place; certainly in scientific
    transcription the HALF TRIANGULAR COLON is just
    the top dot in the TRIANGULAR COLON, and in
    Americanist transcription where the dot-colons
    are used instead of triangles I would say the
    same applies.

    António said:

    >Another nail in the coffin of "use U+00B7 : MIDDLE DOT for Catalan":
    >Perhaps because it is exclusively used between "L"s (a "high" letter
    >in both cases), Catalan middot is placed exactly as Michael has it:
    >The top dot of a colon (careful Catalan typewriter users do/did just
    >this, erasing or masking the bottom dot of a colon).

    This evidence would suggest to me that my analysis is correct.

    The samples Asmus sent suggest to me that a
    school of typographers made a set of bad
    decisions, even if they were really famous and
    got paid lots of money and their fonts are widely

    But that's just my opinion.

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