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From: John Hudson (
Date: Sat Apr 17 2004 - 12:03:55 EDT

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    Michael Everson wrote:

    > I have had suboptimal connectivity over the last while, and so have
    > missed some of this discussion. As a type designer I personally consider
    > the middle dot to be ordinary punctuation that should harmonize with
    > other punctuation marks. My solution to this is to treat it as the top
    > dot of a colon. So for me, MIDDLE DOT is to COLON as MODIFIER LETTER

    This would make the mid-dot too high. The top dot of the colon usually sits toward the top
    of the x-height; the *mid*-dot should sit lower, optically midway up the x-height (which
    means slightly higher than the actual halfway mark). The top dot of a colon is typically
    closer to the height of the Greek ano teleia, which aligns with the x-height (and which
    should align with the cap height in all-cap settings, and with the small-cap height in
    smallcap settings).

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