Re: Downloading UCD 4.0.0

From: Kenneth Whistler (
Date: Mon Apr 19 2004 - 14:38:42 EDT

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    Theo Venker asked:

    > Until now I always downloaded the lastest version of the UCD
    > and worked with that. Now I want to download the UCD files for
    > 4.0.0 again. I know it is all in
    > 4.0-Update/,

    That is an incorrect assumption.

    > but in I read this:
    > "The complete set of all files for a given version of the UCD
    > consists of the files in the update directory for that version,
    > together with all the files unchanged from earlier versions,
    > which are kept in their respective update directories."
    > Do I really need to find out and download all unchanged files
    > from 3.2.0 and earlier, just to get the files for 4.0.0?

    Yes. The relevant information for *each* version of the
    Unicode Standard is at:

    As it happens, almost *every* data file was updated for
    Unicode 4.0, so almost everything is available specifically
    in The only
    normative files that were unchanged from an earlier version were:

    Of course, the update for Unihan.txt was one of the main reasons
    for the Unicode 4.0.1 release.

    The only other file that was unchanged was the character index
    to the book:

    which, for production reasons, was not updated again until the
    release of Unicode 4.0.1.


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