Re: Downloading UCD 4.0.0

From: Doug Ewell (
Date: Mon Apr 19 2004 - 21:15:29 EDT

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    Theo Veenker <Theo dot Veenker at let dot uu dot nl> wrote:

    > Until now I always downloaded the lastest version of the UCD
    > and worked with that. Now I want to download the UCD files for
    > 4.0.0 again. I know it is all in
    > 4.0-Update/,
    > ...
    > Do I really need to find out and download all unchanged files
    > from 3.2.0 and earlier, just to get the files for 4.0.0?

    and Kenneth Whistler <kenw at sybase dot com> responded:

    > Yes. The relevant information for *each* version of the
    > Unicode Standard is at:
    > ...

    I think the answer depends on what Theo really wants. He asked about
    downloading the data files for 4.0.0, but before that he mentioned
    downloading "the latest version," which is not 4.0.0 but 4.0.1.

    If Theo really wants the 4.0.0 data files, he needs to download not only
    from 4.0-Update but also from 3.2-Update, as Ken said.

    If all he wants is the latest version (4.0.1), he can go to:

    which not only has all the files, but has the added advantage that he
    doesn't have to strip the "-x.x.x" version number from the file names if
    he's only interested in replacing old files with new ones.

    -Doug Ewell
     Fullerton, California

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