Re: Suggestion: use of symbolic links in the FTP site

From: Philippe Verdy (
Date: Thu Apr 22 2004 - 04:18:24 EDT

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    From: "Theo Veenker" <>
    > It would not be difficult to write script which automatically downloads
    > the required files (using wget) for a given unicode version if there was
    > such a file as suggested by Philipppe.

    Exactly. The Unicode site is not done for that... Automated downloads from the
    Unicode site is not something to think about... Instead it has to be a reference
    with data explaining what is part of its standard.

    So such a file would be a help for developers to get appropriate info and status
    about each of its components... And automating the downloads from various
    versions would be in fact a bad software design. Normally a Unicode program has
    to choose explicitly the versions of Unicode it wishes to support, as each new
    published version has its own new features and there are some subtle details
    that limit the usability of datafiles from previous versions (even if Unicode
    makes its best efforts to preserve an backward compatibility).

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