GB18030 and super font

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Date: Thu Apr 22 2004 - 07:35:34 EDT

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    I am intrigued by GB18030 encoding. There is a table of equivalences in
    No doubt Unihan will at some stage include these 2 & 4 byte values.

    I enquired about the 'super font' created by a Beijing foundry,, and am fairly astonished
    at the prices, as you see from the attached.

    I suppose this is the only source for such a full font.
    Raymond Mercier

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    Hello Mercier,

    The price of our GB18030 font:
    20,000US$/1 font per year license.
    80,000US$/perpetual license.

    The price of our GB2312 bitmap font:
    15,000US$/4 years license.(ONE SIZE)
    (We provide China standard bitmap fonts,the price and term has constitute by
    Chinses government.You company must agreement with chinese government.We can
    act at an agent.)

    Best regards,

    Gao Zhiqing

    Beijing Founder Electronic Co., Ltd.
    Network Circulation Division

    Add:9,No.5Street,Shangdi Information Industry
            Base,Haidian District,Beijing 100085,China

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    It would be helpful to learn availability and cost of the full GB18030 font.
    The bitmap fonts (GB2312) are also of interest.

    Dr R.Mercier
    St Ives,Cambs

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