Re: GB18030 and super font

From: Ernest Cline (
Date: Thu Apr 22 2004 - 10:01:40 EDT

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    Possibly they were quoting the price for one to be able
    to bundle their font with software that you would sell.
    Judging by the website, I don't think that their intent is
    to sell directly to individual users. In that context, the
    price doesn't seem unreasonable at all. When you
    consider that high quality commercial fonts for Latin
    typefaces tend to cost on the rough order of $0.10
    per glyph when sold to an individual user, even if
    you include a volume discount and charged only
    $0.01 per glyph, you would be talking about
    a price of around $1000 just for a single user
    license for a font that covered all of Unicode 4.0.

    Just given the sheer size and effort required
    to make it, any Han typeface is going to cost
    considerably more than a Latin typeface of
    comparable quality.

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