RE: Common Locale Data Repository Project

From: Peter Constable (
Date: Fri Apr 23 2004 - 01:02:34 EDT

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    > due to the strong perception of as
    > opensource/Linux advocates, even though CLDR project is not
    > specifically bound to Linux.

    It is hard to look at's spec and not get the impression
    that all of that group's projects are not bound to some flavour of Unix.
    The "Scope" clause for several sections are specifically expressed in
    terms of Unix-related implementations (e.g. having the scope for
    rendering requirements expressed as what is needed for X Window).

    And even if a section isn't scoped specifically in terms of a
    Unix-derived platform, it may specify requirements that are explicitly
    related to Unix implementations (e.g. that base libraries must support
    POSIX i18n environment variables).

    CLDR doesn't have to be tied to any particular platform -- after all,
    it's just a collection of data. But I don't think you can honestly say
    that OpenI18N isn't tied to a particular family of platforms. Or, at
    least, I can say that when I last looked at the OpenI18N site, it sure
    looked like it was tied to a particular family of platforms.

    Peter Constable

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