Re: Proposal to add 2 Romanian characters

From: Michael \(michka\) Kaplan (
Date: Mon Apr 26 2004 - 15:34:58 EDT

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    From: "Philippe Verdy" <>
    > From: "Shawn Steele" <>
    > > >> A keyboard can generate a single or combined character in few
    > >
    > > For the keyboard you can use MSKLC
    > even with the
    > multiple code point characters that you need.
    > Yes it works for the final generated sequences, but MSKLC won't work with
    > multiple dead keys, as MSKLC only supports combinations like:
    > <dead key> + <base code point> ==> <unicode string>
    > So to allow entering I + curcumblex + acute, one would need to map:
    > <acute dead key> + <I-circumflex code point>
    > but there's no way to compose I-circumflex if it does not receives a
    > keystroke assignment (without dead keys).
    > There's no support in MSKLC to create mapping with 2 dead keys + one base
    > point.

    Actually, there is no support in the Windows DDK header file that controls
    keyboard layouts (kbd.h) for this. Only one UTF-16 code point can be the end

    MSKLC is very far downstream of the architecture here.

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