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Date: Tue Apr 27 2004 - 15:37:25 EDT

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    Peter Constable wrote:

    > Is anyone aware of Croatian being written in anything besides Latin script? Is Cyrillic also used? (Since Bosnians and Serbs apparently use?both scripts, it wouldn't be surprising if Croats do as well.)

    I can't point to specific examples, but I suspect this happens. Ethnic Croats are unlikely
    to use the Cyrillic script, but -- remarkably given the fairly recent history -- a
    significant number of ethnic Serbs have returned to Croatia in the past few years, and
    presumably some of these use the Cyrillic script to write the official language in at
    least some circumstances. In the early years of Croatian independence, there was a
    concerted effort to distinguish Croatian from Serbian, including attempts at spelling
    reform and what might be termed 'etymological cleansing'. But it still remains difficult
    to talk about Croatian and Serbian as separate languages without making allowances for the
    nuances of use by ethnic minorities within the new countries.

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