The Bidi Class of the Khmer Symbols U+17F0 to U+17F9

From: Ernest Cline (
Date: Wed Apr 28 2004 - 01:14:58 EDT

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    I noticed an apparent oddity concerning ten characters in the
    Khmer block. These characters are U+17F0 to U+17F9
    (ATTEK SON to ATTEK PRAMBUON). This oddity concerns
    their Bidi Class. Most characters of General Category No
    that are specific to a particular script have the same Bidi
    Class as the regular letters and numbers of that script.
    However, these characters have Bidi Class ON. The only
    other characters of category No and class ON are the
    vulgar fractions and the circled or parenthesized number
    dingbats, which see use with all sorts of scripts. The Khmer
    divination number symbols are likely to only be used with
    the Khmer script.

    So my question is, is this Bidi Class of these numbers correct?
    Since their behavior when used with Khmer would be the same
    as if they had been given Bidi Class L, if it is an error, it is
    understandable how it could have escaped notice by the
    users of this script. If it isn't an error, could someone please
    explain why they are have class ON instead of class L?

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