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From: Peter Constable (
Date: Wed Apr 28 2004 - 10:57:16 EDT

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    > But then, what is that fuss for?

    Fuss? I didn't think asking a question constituted a fuss :-)

    The question behind my question is this: it has been deemed necessary at
    least by some to tag e.g. Serbian content to indicate the script -- e.g.
    "sr-Cyrl" vs. "sr-Latn". At the moment, I might only be anticipating
    dealing with Croatian content in Latin script, but is there a potential
    need for Cyrillic out there that means that I should perhaps be tagging
    my current Croatian data to indicate that the script is Latin?

    The responses so far haven't indicated a resounding yes, but also
    haven't given a decisive no. (I'm not surprised.)

    Peter Constable
    Globalization Infrastructure and Font Technologies
    Microsoft Windows Division

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