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Date: Wed Apr 28 2004 - 19:19:35 EDT

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    > > Yes, well, if you look at it carefully, you'll notice that the
    > > identifier "ro-mo" is effectively "Romanian - Moldavian" (mo is the
    > > ISO 639-1 ID for Moldavian; it's not the ISO 3166 ID for Moldova --
    > > if you interpret this as ll-CC, it would be Romanian spoken in
    > Sorry Peter, I do not buy this one.

    You don't buy what? I was telling you that (a) this is not something
    that Windows actually supports, and (b) the data is bad because either
    someone picked the wrong country ID or thought they could combine lang
    IDs for "Romanian" and "Moldavian".

    I cannot comment at this point on what the VB Script runtime would do
    with this.

    > As a result, reading -mo as "Moldavian" is much more
    > wrong than as "Macao".

    That's what I was saying.

    > > It's painful to see inconsistent info being put out. The reality is
    > > that Windows does not support 0x0818 (or 0x0819 for that matter).
    > What does mean "support"?

    I mean that it never exposes (e.g. in regional options) something that
    corresponds to an LCID of 0x0818, and I suspect that if you called an
    API like GetLocaleInfo passing in 0x0818 it would fail.

    > But I perfectly can tag some text in Word as "Romanian from Moldova"

    Did I say anything about Word? (I don't think so.) If you format text in
    Word as "Romanian (Moldova)" (an option which I'll bet will not survive
    into the next version), it doesn't ever pass that to the OS (it can't
    since the OS doesn't support it -- did I mention that already?)

    > And I would be very surprised if KERNEL32 refuse to load a resource
    > would happen to have this LCID.

    That's a different matter, and I don't know the answers on that. In
    Nadine Kano's book, she talked about being able to use custom-defined
    LCIDs for resource loading, so presumably any LCID gets accepted. But,
    it wouldn't surprise me if you won't get fallback behaviour with 0x0818
    like you might with other supported LCIDs.

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    Globalization Infrastructure and Font Technologies
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