Re: PUA as the Wild West [was: SSP default ignorable characters]

From: Dean Snyder (
Date: Wed Apr 28 2004 - 21:30:50 EDT

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    Kenneth Whistler wrote at 12:20 PM on Wednesday, April 28, 2004:

    >> Currently, I view the PUA as practically a wasteland, unusable for even
    >> for the most basic research work.
    >A wise decision, all in all.

    Then why have the word, "Use" in the name, "Private Use Area"?

    >> Is it simply out of the question, to review PUA policies and
    >> implementation in Unicode? Could not the PUA, or possibly multiple PUA's,
    >> retain their almost wild west independence and entrepreneurial spirit,
    >> and still have a few sheriffs hanging around here and there to impose
    >> some minimal expectation of law and order?
    >But who would you cast in the role of sheriff? James Garner is
    >getting a little old for that kind of thing, and I didn't see
    >anyone with the right acting resume among the Persians.

    I'll be glad to deputize you ;-)

    Seriously though, you misunderstand what I am suggesting, probably
    because I was not clear enough.

    One encounters all kinds of lawless "characters" in the wild west PUA; is
    it beyond discussion to suggest adding some minimal set of laws and law-
    enforcing "characters" that would still let us kill off all the buffaloes
    if we really want to?


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