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From: Peter Kirk (
Date: Thu Apr 29 2004 - 04:26:49 EDT

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    On 28/04/2004 17:29, John Hudson wrote:

    > John Jenkins wrote:
    >> FWIW, AAT includes an optional 'prop' table which allows people to
    >> associate a number of Unicode properties -- most notably
    >> directionality -- with specific glyphs in a font. It *is* a little
    >> weird to do this, as John says, but it's there.
    > I debated whether to mention the 'prop' table in my message, but
    > decided it serves best as an example of the 'awkward fit' to which I
    > referred. The Apple TT reference manual identifies the 'prop' table as
    > the 'glyph properties table' -- somewhat analogous to the OpenType
    > 'gdef' table. The mix of specifically glyph and quasi-character
    > properties in the 'prop' table is quite confusing. More to the point,
    > is this table actually used by any software?
    > John Hudson
    Directionality can be a property of glyphs rather than of characters, as
    for example when glyphs are bidi mirrored. Unicode has chosen to handle
    this differently, but that doesn't mean that the AAT approach is stupid.

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