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Date: Thu Apr 29 2004 - 04:27:02 EDT

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    > At the February 2004 meeting of the Unicode Technical Committee, a
    > proposal was considered to encode the phonetic symbol LATIN SMALL LETTER C
    > WITH STROKE. Some reservation was expressed on the part of some committee
    > members, however, due to potential legacy encoding issues. A decision was
    > made to give tentative approval of this character, but to prepare a public
    > review issue to elicit feedback on the pros and cons of encoding this
    > character.
    In the Bureau of American Ethnology reports, early Americanist characters are
    used, and they are used with casing, including the C with stroke. For example,
    in the attached file, from page 357 of the 3rd annual report of the BAE (1884),
    from the Article "Omaha Sociology" by Rev. J. Owen Dorsey (later reprinted as
    as Omaha Sociology in 1970), you can clearly see the use of the small letter
    c with slash (circled in blue) and the large letter c with slash (circled in
    red). Hence, for proper casing, the cent sign and c with slash can't be unified.

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