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From: Asmus Freytag (
Date: Thu Apr 29 2004 - 14:16:07 EDT

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    This is interesting information. Would you please make sure to submit this
    via the official report form, so it becomes part of the formal public feedback.



    At 01:27 AM 4/29/2004, D. Starner wrote:
    > > At the February 2004 meeting of the Unicode Technical Committee, a
    > > proposal was considered to encode the phonetic symbol LATIN SMALL
    > LETTER C
    > > WITH STROKE. Some reservation was expressed on the part of some
    > committee
    > > members, however, due to potential legacy encoding issues. A decision
    > was
    > > made to give tentative approval of this character, but to prepare a
    > public
    > > review issue to elicit feedback on the pros and cons of encoding this
    > > character.
    >In the Bureau of American Ethnology reports, early Americanist characters
    >used, and they are used with casing, including the C with stroke. For
    >in the attached file, from page 357 of the 3rd annual report of the BAE
    >from the Article "Omaha Sociology" by Rev. J. Owen Dorsey (later reprinted
    >as Omaha Sociology in 1970), you can clearly see the use of the small letter
    >c with slash (circled in blue) and the large letter c with slash (circled
    >red). Hence, for proper casing, the cent sign and c with slash can't be
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