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From: Philippe Verdy (
Date: Thu Apr 29 2004 - 05:17:57 EDT

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    From: "Rick McGowan" <>
    > 35 Encoding of LATIN SMALL LETTER C WITH STROKE as a phonetic symbol
    > (Closes 2004-06-08)
    > At the February 2004 meeting of the Unicode Technical Committee, a
    > proposal was considered to encode the phonetic symbol LATIN SMALL LETTER C
    > WITH STROKE. Some reservation was expressed on the part of some committee
    > members, however, due to potential legacy encoding issues. A decision was
    > made to give tentative approval of this character, but to prepare a public
    > review issue to elicit feedback on the pros and cons of encoding this
    > character.

    How is it distinct from the encoding proposed for the Cedi currency, or the
    existing currency cent sign, or even the Euro symbol?

    IPA usage of Latin or Greek letters is mostly symbolic and not semantic, and IPA
    usage by itself has no well defined orthograph (each user defines his orthograph
    according to his way of spelling words, which varies across accents and
    regions). Because IPA is a notation rather than a language, a currency symbol
    could be fitting as well for IPA usage, no?

    The only question is about whever a currency cent sign used in IPA could be
    confused with another symbol in IPA.

    Also, I think that this character is already encoded with <c><combining solidus
    overlay>, and this new character would add a third disunified encoding for the
    same symbol (because the Unicode stability policy will make impossible to have
    the new character canonically equivalent to the former combining sequence,
    without also making the new character excluded from composition, thus making the
    new character immediately a compatibility character removed from all normalized

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