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From: Peter Constable (
Date: Thu Apr 29 2004 - 09:42:10 EDT

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    > How is it distinct from the encoding proposed for the Cedi currency,
    > the
    > existing currency cent sign, or even the Euro symbol?

    It is in now way like or related to the euro symbol. If you have read
    the PRI document (it appears you have not), you'd know that it looks
    like *one* of the glyph variants for the cent sign. You'd also know that
    there is the issue of potential orthographic use that is common to all
    phonetic symbols, implying a need for a case-pair relationship, which is
    not an option for currency symbols.

    Indeed, David Starner has helpfully shown us that the case pair is

    > Because IPA is a notation rather than a language, a currency
    > symbol
    > could be fitting as well for IPA usage, no?

    No. If you had read the PRI doc, you'd know why; and after seeing
    David's message, you will know why.

    > Also, I think that this character is already encoded with
    > solidus
    > overlay>

    If you had read the proposal, you would know why this was rejected by
    the proposer and by UTC. You will notice that of the various letters
    with stroke in the UCS, none of them have decompositions to < X,
    combining solidus overlay >.

    Peter Constable

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