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Date: Thu Apr 29 2004 - 10:48:01 EDT

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    Patrick Andries wrote:

    > And I notice now that Michael actually mentioned this in the proposal
    > (sorry for the noise) : ? The twenty-two letters
    > in the Phoenician block may be used, with appropriate font changes, to
    > express Punic, Neo-Punic,
    > Phoenician proper, Late Phoenician cursive, Phoenician papyrus, Siloam
    > Hebrew, Hebrew seals,
    > Ammonite, Moabite, and Palaeo-Hebrew.?

    This suggests to me that much debate could be avoided if the proposed script were to be
    renamed, e.g. Old Canaanite as Dean suggests or some other more generic term than
    Phoenecian. Apart from being arguably more accurate for a script so widely used -- both
    geographically and chronologically --, such a name would make clear to semiticists and
    other scholars that some measure of unification is being applied to the encoding of this
    field of script styles. This would be reassuring.

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