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Date: Thu Apr 29 2004 - 16:38:38 EDT

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    Rick McGowan wrote:

    >>Disparate rendering behaviour is grounds for disunification

    > Depends on who you ask, and what the behavior is. The unified Brahmis
    > proposal exactly proposes unification of systems with vastly different
    > rendering behavior. That's part of the controversy with it.

    That controversy would presumably first be addressed by considering whether unification of
    specific writing systems with disparate rendering causes purely technical problems, e.g.
    is the encoding renderable? I'm talking about what principles one might look to when
    technical issues have been resolved and two or more scripts are clearly technically
    unifiable. Which is where we are with the ancient semitic scripts.

    Perhaps my choice of the term 'general principle' was unfortunate: I meant general in the
    sense of freely ignored in the specific :)

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