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From: Chris Harvey (
Date: Thu Apr 29 2004 - 16:47:05 EDT

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    I am currently working for a Canadian organisation called First Voices, which is involved in working with the First Nations’ communities towards standard orthographies. We have tried to keep everything within Unicode, but a number of languages have been using other characters for many years, and wish to continue using these.

    Ktunaxa - requires capital and lowercase slash-c, and capital and lowercase double barred l

    SENĆOŦEN - requires caps only: slash-A, slash-C, overlaid shortstroke-K, overlaid shortstroke-L (a capital version of U+019A), and slash-T. Note that this language only uses capital letters!

    Hen’q’emin’em’ - requires a superscripted version of Greek lowercase theta.

    The first two languages above are currently on the first voices website, whereas Hen’q’emin’em is coming soon.

    Currently, we are using the cent sign for Ktunaxa slash c, and the Khoisan click U+1c2 for the double barred l (both lowercase). No solution for the capital double barred l is apparent. These decisions were made before I got on board, and were the best that were come up with.

    SENĆOŦEN is using combining diacritics, to varying degrees of success.

    The Hen’q’emin’em’ raised theta is residing in the PUA.

    There are a few more characters that are used in British Columbia languages that are absent from Unicode, but we have not formalised any standards as yet. I will contact this list after we have finished.


    Chris Harvey
    First Voices

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