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Date: Thu Apr 29 2004 - 23:26:27 EDT

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    John Hudson wrote:

    > Michael, Peter is not talking about the Phoenician language being
    > represented in the Hebrew script, he is talking about the common
    > practice of semiticists to *encode* the Phoenician script using Hebrew
    > codepoints. The representation of the text is in Phoenician glyphs,
    > not Hebrew, but these glyphs are treated as typeface variants of Hebrew.
    > At first, I too thought Peter was talking about transliteration into
    > Hebrew script, but today I realised that he was talking about encoding
    > Phoenician glyphs as Hebrew characters.

    Are you sure about that? Peter, is this correct?

    I'd been making the same assumption all along as well. In the way of
    corroboration, I have here Ze'ev Ben-Ḥayyim's book "A Grammar of
    Samaritan Hebrew." Samaritans generally use their distinctive scripts,
    especially in their religious books, but Ben-Ḥayyim writes *everything*
    with ordinary square Hebrew letters; there isn't a Samaritan-style
    base-glyph in the book, so far as I can tell (though he does show some
    Samaritan vowels on the square letters). This isn't exactly the same
    situation, and it is an isolated case, though.


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