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Date: Thu Apr 29 2004 - 23:52:52 EDT

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    Mark E. Shoulson wrote:

    >> At first, I too thought Peter was talking about transliteration into
    >> Hebrew script, but today I realised that he was talking about encoding
    >> Phoenician glyphs as Hebrew characters.
    > Are you sure about that?

    Yes. This is what Peter wrote earlier today:

            Transliteration of Greek or Cyrillic into Latin
            script is one thing. A quite different thing is
            encoding Greek or Cyrillic with Unicode characters
            defined as for Latin script but displaying these
            as Greek or Cyrillic with a masquerading font
            (your word, I think, John). The latter corresponds
            to what scholars of Phoenician etc currently do
            when they want to display or print out in Phoenician
            script (or whatever you may call it).

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