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From: John Cowan (
Date: Fri Apr 30 2004 - 00:04:47 EDT

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    Mark E. Shoulson scripsit:

    > Besides, you have a better idea? :)

    Double-encode the vowel marks. As things stand, two Unicode principles
    are in conflict: combining characters come after their bases, and
    natural-language text is encoded in phonetic order (with I think four
    exceptions in Thai and four in Lao as a result of the typewriter-based
    legacy standard). So create Quenya-mode vowel marks which are
    combining, and separate Sindarin-mode vowel marks which are modifier
    letters, but are rendered with the following character either by
    ligaturing or by fiddling with the glyph width.

    Fontologists, is the last idea feasible? Ligatures obviously work,
    but involve a combinatorial explosion.

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