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Date: Fri Apr 30 2004 - 16:20:53 EDT

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    John Hudson scripsit:

    > On the one hand, the obvious recommendation would be to tell semiticists to
    > continue doing what they have been doing: encoding as Hebrew and displaying
    > with Phoenician-style glyph variants, as this enables textual analysis and
    > comparison with a larger body of Hebrew text in which such experts are
    > likely to be interested.

    To which Michael will likely reply that encoding Phoenician will not prevent
    this behavior.

    > But your proposal specifically states that the
    > 'Phoenician' characters should be used to encode Palaeo-Hebrew, as if
    > somehow Hebrew and Hebrew are different languages when they look different.

    That last clause doesn't capture the true problem. We don't want a single
    encoding for Serbian, e.g., with the difference between Cyrillic and Latin
    representations relegated to a font, though the analysis and comparison of
    Serbian *is* doubtless complicated by using two different encodings for it.
    (Fortunately, transliteration at the level of Unicode is easy; Mongolian
    is a far worse problem.)

    The point is that, unlike Cyrillic and Latin, all these 22CWSAs are just
    spatial and temporal variants of the same thing, at least according to me.
    Michael says it ain't so, but he takes it as a personal attack when anyone
    presses him for reasons.

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