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Date: Fri Apr 30 2004 - 16:40:44 EDT

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    Ernest Cline a écrit :

    >>[Original Message]
    >>From: John Hudson <>
    >>But your proposal specifically states that the 'Phoenician' characters
    >>be used to encode Palaeo-Hebrew, as if somehow Hebrew and Hebrew are
    >>different languages when they look different.
    >No more so than Japanese becomes a different language when written
    >as romanji. Language and script are distinct and a given language is often
    >encoded using several different scripts. There may be points against
    >favoring writing Paleo-Hebrew with a Phoenician script instead of the Hebrew
    >script, but this isn't one of them.

    Well, since this seems to be the center of some controversy, isn't the
    methodology one should adopt to ask what the community of users thinks :
    is this for you (plural) two different scripts or are those just
    stylistic variations of the same script (Hebrew). The community of users.

    And then to record this as an encoding guideline in the proposal
    ("Paleo-Hebrew texts should be encoded using Phoenician codepoints" or
    ""for Paleo-Hebrew texts texts should be encoded using the Hebrew

    I don't really know, I just wish we could reconcile both sides here ;-) (*)

    P. A.

    (*) I must be affected by the gorgeous weather we are at long last
    enjoying here.

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