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From: Peter Kirk (
Date: Sat May 01 2004 - 09:53:39 CST

On 30/04/2004 11:21, Michael Everson wrote:

> At 06:47 -0400 2004-04-30, John Cowan wrote:
>> scripsit:
>>> Turned upper case "T" is also used in Fraser script. (Daniels &
>>> Bright,
>>> page 582)
>> Ah, I see the next battle line forming: Is Fraser a separate script, or
>> just an oddball application of Latin caps for which we need a few new
>> ones?
> It is a separate script.

In your opinion. Or have you consulted with experts on this one, as you
failed to do on Phoenician? If so, you might be able to cite a body of
opinion that it is a separate script. There are clearly some opinions
that it is not. It is for the UTC to decide whether (in Unicode terms)
it should be encoded as a separate script or not. I am sure your opinion
will be given the appropriate weight in their discussions.

By the way, I know nothing about Fraser.

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