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From: Michael Everson (
Date: Sun May 02 2004 - 08:33:37 CDT

At 08:53 -0700 2004-05-01, Peter Kirk wrote:

>>>Is Fraser a separate script, or just an oddball application of
>>>Latin caps for which we need a few new ones?
>>It is a separate script.
>In your opinion. Or have you consulted with experts on this one, as
>you failed to do on Phoenician?

Mr Kirk, while you seem to enjoy baiting me and going out of your way
to find my "feet of clay", I didn't "fail" to do any such thing. I
shall take this up on another message on this thread. In the
meantime, please be advised that if you persist in this kind of
discourse with me I shall be perfectly content to add you to my
ignore list and say "adieu". You are welcome to consider me an
arrogant bastard if you wish, but I am more interested in the work of
encoding all of the scripts of the world in the Universal Character
Set than in fending off pot-shots about my expertise or whether my
opinion "counts".

>If so, you might be able to cite a body of opinion that it is a
>separate script.

I have already done so. In the whole history of the study of writing,
no scholar has ever suggested that Phoenician is a variant of the
Hebrew script.

>There are clearly some opinions that it is not.

I think the arguments for this "unification" on this list have been
rather facile, willfully ignorant of the counter-arguments given
regarding script genesis and legibility, and generally untenable.

That is my opinion as an expert on writing systems.

Unless, of course, it is because I am not employed by a University as
an expert that you don't consider me "qualified" to give an expert
opinion -- in which case I should like to point you to the
bibliography of documents I have authored over the past decade.

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