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Date: Sat May 01 2004 - 11:34:01 CST

On 30/04/2004 14:52, Ernest Cline wrote:

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>When deciding how to encode ancient scripts in Unicode, sometimes
>arbitrary distinctions must be made between scripts that had a
>continuous evolution from one form into another. Depending upon
>the point of view of the author, a text written in a transitional form,
>such as Paleo-Hebrew, might be encoded in Unicode as either
>of the two scripts that it serves as a bridge between, in this case,
>Phoenician and Hebrew.
>Depending upon how the passions run, this might mollify both sides
>or it might make them both madder than they are. :)
The problem is that paleo-Hebrew is not a transitional form. This is
like saying that Arabic script historically used to write Turkish is a
transitional form between Arabic and Latin script.

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