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Mark E. Shoulson wrote at 11:04 PM on Saturday, May 1, 2004:

>Dean Snyder wrote:
>>Phoenician Hebrew
>>1st Millenium BC 2nd Millenium AD
>>ykbd ykbd both = "he will honor"
>>tbrk tbrk both = "she will bless"
>>bqsh bqsh both = "he searched for"
>>btm btm both = "houses"
>Even in Biblical Hebrew, "houses" would usually be "btym". Certainly in

Yes, of course. Though the usual orthography in Biblical and Modern
Hebrew is plene spelling (with the vowel-indicating mater lectionis "y"),
it can also be spelled defectively, without it - a common orthography in
Old Hebrew. My only point was the readability for modern Hebrew readers
of the Phoenician forms.


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