Re: Arid Canaanite Wasteland

From: Chris Jacobs (
Date: Sun May 02 2004 - 22:23:22 CDT

> Excuse me? This is a 22-character script with one-to-one correspondence
> with a preŽncoded script, that uses the same sounds as that script and
> even the same spelling in the major languages that use that script, and
> which people who work with the older version generally encode in the newer
> version and print in the modern style. (This differs from the difference
> between Fraktur and Roman fonts because there isn't an exact one-to-one
> correspondence between the two; the long-s disappeared and the essett was
> added.) That sounds like a font difference to me.

Like the correspondence between Fraktur and Roman, the correspondence
between Hebrew and Arab also is not exact.

However, it is close enough that hebrew numbers can be written with arab

See: [Teach Yourself Arabic, A. S. Tritton, p22]

Is chamsa (5, 5 fingers, hand) a hebrew or an arab word?

How is Ernst?

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