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From: Peter Constable (
Date: Mon May 03 2004 - 10:49:05 CDT

> Here are few Yoruba alphabets which might not be new to you, so how
> you
> equate G+B with GB even if you claimed it has significant. How
> is significant?
> A B D E E F G GB....

It is certainly the case that in the Yoruba alphabet "gb" is a distinct
unit - the term we use for that is "grapheme" (i.e. "a", "b", "gb" are
all Yoruba graphemes). But Unicode does not encode graphemes; it encodes
the characters that comprise graphemes. If "gb" needs distinct
processing in software, then software can handle that, even if it is
represented in the encoding as a sequence < g, b >

This is no different from e.g. the "ch" and "ll" digraphs in Spanish.
The Spanish alphabet has A B C CH D ... K L LL M ... Software is able
to support this even though the CH and LL are encoded as sequences, < c,
h > and < l, l >.

Peter Constable

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