Nice to join this forum....

From: African Oracle (
Date: Mon May 03 2004 - 00:21:38 CDT

It is nice to join this forum and hope to gain and contribute to discussions
here. I am Dele Olawole, the CEO of D-Net Communications
based in Norway. My involvement with developing Africa related contents
offer me the opportunity to go into developing African fonts with special
interest in Nigeria.

I find it strange that UNICODE has done so much to integrate some of the
characters from this part of the world with little done on the rest.

Like :

E with dot below and grave accent
E with dot below and acute accent
O with dot below and grave accent
O with dot below and acute accent
GB written together as the Norwegian ∆, this is because one should be able
to differentiate between A, E written together as a single letter and AE. I
have intiated a discussion on this among the Yoruba scholars.
And few others.

What is Unicode doing about this?


Dele Olawole

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