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Date: Mon May 03 2004 - 08:17:59 CDT

Dele Olawole wrote,

> That is what I have said that gb is a letter, a single letter and not
> combination of letter. Look at this statement -
> Gbogbo awon are GB ti de. - All people from Great Britain have arrived.
> Going further to be a bit funny I can say Great Britain o great britain o
> awon ara Great Britain ti de.

Mo gbó̩ Òyìnbó. (My e-mailer doesn't tag outgoing messages as UTF-8, so
some people have to manually select UTF-8 encoding in their e-mail display
if they want to see it.)

Unicode considers such combinations of letters to be "presentation forms"
of letters which are already covered in the Unicode Standard. Although
for the Yoruba language, the "gb" digraph is treated as a single letter,
for computer encoding it is a string of two characters, "g" plus "b".

> I do not know what you were trying to say concerning the letter g - What
> about gangan, ganganran, gongo, gogongo, gudugudu and etc.... Since I do not
> know what you were trying to say, I will stop there.

Philippe Verdy had commented on putting a mark under the letter "g", and
I only said that Yoruba doesn't use any marks with the letter "g".

> I chose the 3rd options and that makes Ariya the best Yoruba fonts available
> today.

It is exciting to know that you are making good fonts for Yoruba!
Do you have any examples on-line?

Best regards,

James Kass

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