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Michael that is still the mistake that we are talking about concerning
people and culture. Eye is bird for example in Yoruba but when the European
first wrote, it was written the way they pronunced it with EIYE. It took
many years to write it properly.

GB is a different from G+B You do not pronunce the letters separately but
people that do not know anything about the language do which is wrong. It is
about correction and proper representation.

Here are few Yoruba alphabets which might not be new to you, so how can you
equate G+B with GB even if you claimed it has significant. How significant
is significant?

A B D E E F G GB....


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> At 14:39 +0200 2004-05-03, African Oracle wrote:
> >Gbogbo awon are GB ti de. - All people from Great Britain have arrived.
> >Going further to be a bit funny I can say Great Britain o great britain o
> >awon ara Great Britain ti de.
> >
> >A situation I am driving at is when looking at the GB it can be
> >differentiated from G and B combined together.
> The sequence g + b has special significance in Yoruba, but it is
> still "G" + "B", not "GB".
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