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Please look at some samples here -


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> Dele Olawole wrote,
> > That is what I have said that gb is a letter, a single letter and not
> > combination of letter. Look at this statement -
> >
> > Gbogbo awon are GB ti de. - All people from Great Britain have arrived.
> > Going further to be a bit funny I can say Great Britain o great britain
> > awon ara Great Britain ti de.
> Mo gbó̩ 'yìnbó. (My e-mailer doesn't tag outgoing messages as UTF-8,
> some people have to manually select UTF-8 encoding in their e-mail display
> if they want to see it.)
> Unicode considers such combinations of letters to be "presentation forms"
> of letters which are already covered in the Unicode Standard. Although
> for the Yoruba language, the "gb" digraph is treated as a single letter,
> for computer encoding it is a string of two characters, "g" plus "b".
> > I do not know what you were trying to say concerning the letter g - What
> > about gangan, ganganran, gongo, gogongo, gudugudu and etc.... Since I do
> > know what you were trying to say, I will stop there.
> Philippe Verdy had commented on putting a mark under the letter "g", and
> I only said that Yoruba doesn't use any marks with the letter "g".
> > I chose the 3rd options and that makes Ariya the best Yoruba fonts
> > today.
> It is exciting to know that you are making good fonts for Yoruba!
> Do you have any examples on-line?
> Best regards,
> James Kass

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