Re: Nice to join this forum....

Date: Mon May 03 2004 - 10:35:43 CDT

Asmus Freytag wrote,

> This is only true if:
> a) there is no visual differentiation

There is no visual differentiation in any of the examples I've ever seen.

> I would like to see a (small) picture of Yoruba text with these digraphs.

I sent a small picture off-list taken from this on-line PDF:

Wondering about casing, if the "gb" diagraph appears initially, I have
a booklet for learning Yoruba which includes the proper name of the
Rt. Rev. Isaac Gbekeleoluwa Abiodun Jadesimi in the bilingual dedication.
In both the Yoruba and English versions of the dedication, only the
letter "G" in "Gbekeleoluwa" is in upper case.

Best regards,

James Kass

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