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Date: Mon May 03 2004 - 07:32:19 CDT

Dele Olawole wrote,

Ẹ ́ the accent is at the edge of the E with dot below - It is the same no
matter which font is used
On this Ọ̀ it almost fell off
éẹ́èẹ̀ - On all these ones they are not on the same level

One reason that it displays badly is because it is encoded wrong.

In the first example, you have "E" plus "dot below" plus "space" plus
"combining acute". This should be "E" plus "combining acute" +
"dot below".

Likewise, the encoding is wrong for the other examples.

Ẹ́ or, more properly (depending upon point of view) É̩

(Both of these display perfectly well here. If they do not display well
there, then, assuming that the UTF-8 text survived transmission, either
your system lacks a proper font, or your system does not support complex
script shaping for the Latin script. In either case, this is beyond
the scope of Unicode and is considered a display issue.)

Enter the marks above (tone marks) first, then enter marks below. Don't use
spaces between base letters and marks, that breaks the complex shaping.

For display issue problems, please see:

Best regards,

James Kass

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