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From: Peter Constable (
Date: Mon May 03 2004 - 10:38:34 CDT

> There is no problem with the dot below concerning all the letters I was

> talking about, the problems are with the accents which are not properly

> positioned and in font development for example there are standard

> positions.

> Look at the following examples as sent by ke


> E the accent is at the edge of the E with dot below - It is the same no

> matter which font is used


It *does* matter what font is used and what software is used. Provided you use software that has appropriate font-technology support, such as the OpenType support in Office 2003, and provided you use a font that supports that technology, such as the Doulos SIL font, it will display exactly as you require.


This excerpt from a screenshot shows how the character sequence < 1EB8, 0301, 1EB9, 0301 > appears in Word 2003 using the Doulos SIL font.




Unicode is *designed* to use combining sequences in this way. The fact that you see any precomposed combinations, even the e-dot, does not imply a precedent as these are the exceptions.




Peter Constable


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