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Date: Mon May 03 2004 - 11:28:42 CDT

That document ( is obviously
*not* encodeable as plain text. Drop caps, bold face, italics, superscripts,
font size, headers, footnotes, etc.

The question for me is whether the scholarly representations of the Phoenician
would vary enough that in order to represent the palæo-Hebrew (or the other
language/period variants), one would need to have font difference anyway. If so,
then it doesn't buy much to encode separately from Hebrew. If not, then it would
be reasonable to separate them.

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> Please take a look at the attached screen shot taken from:
> If anyone can look at the text in the screen shot and honestly
> say that they do not believe that it should be possible to
> encode it as plain text, then the solution is obvious:
> We'll disagree.
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> James Kass

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