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From: Philippe Verdy (
Date: Mon May 03 2004 - 12:25:51 CDT

From: <>
> (Note that the AE and OE "ligated glyphs" *are* ligatures.)

What do you do with the case of <ae-acute> or <AE-acute>?
This cannot be represented properly with <a><acute><e> or <a-acute><e> or
<a><e-acute>, simply because the language that use this AE ligated glyph uses it
as a plain letter, on which the acute accent is properly position somewhere in
the middle of is <a(left-half-side)> and <e(right-half-side)>.

It's a ligature for French that really considers this too as a semi-mandatory
presentation form of a digraph, but not for all languages; there's no case in
French where it positions any diacritic on a or e in the digraph; should there
be an accent, the ligature is prohibited for the digraph, and the letters are
clearly made distinct and spelled distinctly, such as in "aérer", where there's
even a syllable limit between the two first vowels (but no candidate syllable
break with standard typographic rules).

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