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Date: Mon May 03 2004 - 21:22:38 CDT wrote:

> That question misses being a 'leading question' slightly. The easiest
> answer for the respondent is "No", as then no further explanation on
> respondent's part is necessary. Furthermore, if we are to believe
> the allegations about these users, they are already performing this
> reprehensible practice, and so have apparently surmounted any
> objections they might have once held.

I wasn't suggesting that this should be the only question asked, but I thought that the
questions apparently posed by Deborah Anderson to users (as reported by Dean on Saturday),
while not being leading, are not designed to elicit specific objections. Simply asking
people 'Are you in favour of encoding Phoenician?' doesn't suggest state what the
alternative may be. Unless the respondent is particularly knowledgeable about character
encoding, he is unlikely to consider whether his needs are better met with new Phoenician
characters or existing Hebrew ones, especially if the possibility of using the latter is
not presented to him.

That said, I am very glad that Ms Anderson's further questions encourage users to review
the Phoenician proposal and to comment on its merits.

John Hudson

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