RE: Proposal to add QAMATS QATAN to the BMP of the UCS

From: Peter Constable (
Date: Tue May 04 2004 - 09:34:09 CDT

> >It would seem to me that it would be appropriate that this new
> >character's canonical combining class should either be the same as
> >that of QAMATS which is 18
> That is correct. We overlooked the properties line in the proposal,
> the template for which was the earlier ATNAH HAFUKH document. Sorry
> about that. It should read:

Well, of course, the effect of this is that a sequence of < qamats,
qamats qatan > is not canonically equivalent to < qamats qatan, qamats
>. No harm in that, but also not especially useful, I suspect.

A value of 18 also means that sequences like < qamats qatan, munah > vs.
< munah, qamats qatan > are canonically equivalent. Leaving it at 220
would mean that these are *not* equivalent (while < qamats, qamats qatan
> vs. < qamats qatan > are). This is probably more useful.

I would probably leave the value at 220. That is what all of the Hebrew
vowel points should have been, IMO. Though getting one right doesn't
make a huge difference -- people are still going to be using CGJ to
preserve particular sequences in the cases this will most likely be

Peter Constable

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