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From: John Hudson (
Date: Tue May 04 2004 - 11:04:09 CDT

Michael Everson wrote:

>>> No Georgian can read Nuskhuri without a key. I maintain that no
>>> Hebrew reader can read Phoenician without a key. I maintain that it
>>> is completely unacceptable to represent Yiddish text in a Phoenician
>>> font and have anyone recognize it at all.
>> But no one is going to do that. No one is talking about doing that.
>> This is a complete irrelevancy.

> No, it is not. If Phoenician letterforms are just a font variant of
> Square Hebrew then it is reasonable to assume that readers of Square
> Hebrew will accept them in various contexts. Such as newspaper articles,
> or advertising copy, or restaurant menus, or wedding invitations. THAT
> is font switching.

> I consider this fundamental to script identification.

Okay, than I fundamentally disagree with you. Good to have that clear.

How do you distinguish those scripts that are rejected as 'ciphers' of other scripts from
those which you want to encode, if 1:1 correspondence is not sufficient grounds for
unification but visual dissimilarity is grounds for disunification?

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