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From: Dominikus Scherkl \(MGW\) (
Date: Tue May 04 2004 - 12:16:29 CDT

> How do you distinguish those scripts that are rejected as 'ciphers'
> of other scripts from those which you want to encode, if 1:1 correspondence
> is not sufficient grounds for unification but visual dissimilarity
> is grounds for disunification?

As far as I can follow Michaels arguments he says the following:

Disunification for scipts with 1:1 correspondence requires
- having distinct glyphs
- beeing a relevant script (e.g. historical important, because
  other scipts do also derive from it, not only the one with the 1:1

The later isn't true especialy for Klingon, but it's also not true
for e.g. fraktur, because fraktur is the derived script, not latin.

Dominikus Scherkl

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