Re: Proposal to add QAMATS QATAN to the BMP of the UCS

From: Michael Everson (
Date: Tue May 04 2004 - 14:05:04 CDT

At 11:37 -0700 2004-05-04, Peter Kirk wrote:

>Why was this not announced on the Unicode Hebrew list?

My undying scorn for the Hebrew list?


Gi's a break, Peter.

>Again, a correction to C 2a: contact HAS been made with members of
>the user community, through the Unicode Hebrew list, also several
>people who contacted me about this character distinction when I
>announced another Hebrew proposal on some other lists.

It would be really cool if you would ease up on your fetish for the
Proposal Summary Form. I think you believe that it is a lot more
important than it is.

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