Re: The Unicode.ORG Server is now moved

From: Rick McGowan (
Date: Tue May 04 2004 - 14:32:41 CDT

Since Peter Kirk wrote, on the Unicode list, I'll CC the list.

Peter Kirk wrote:

> I sent several messages to the list between 16:20 and 16:30 GMT
> which were simply lost.

You are wrong. They were not lost -- at least not on this server. Check
the archives. (OK, I've had some config trouble with bringing up the new
real-time archives, but your messages are there, and you can check them. I
can't guarantee that everything that left *your* machine arrived here, but
everything that arrived here is in the archives.)

I am certain that everything which *arrived* at the server was
*delivered* into the mail list process. (What happens after stuff leaves
this machine for downstream delivery is someone else's problem.)

> These were therefore sent some time before the
> announced time of the list being closed down - timing which I chose
> deliberately. This is not an acceptable way to manage a list server.

Thank you for your concern, but, I know what I'm doing. Everything was
properly shut down and the outgoing queue drained appropriately.

> You should refuse to accept messages which you are unable to
> deliver so that they are queued for retransmission when the server
> comes up again.

If you want to talk about how the lists are managed, please don't do it on
this list. It's off-topic. Anyway, there was nothing to queue for
re-transmission. Incoming mail acceptance was turned off at an appropriate
juncture, and the outbound queue allowed to drain.


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