Re: New contribution

From: Simon Montagu (
Date: Wed May 05 2004 - 02:24:24 CDT

John Cowan wrote:

> Dean Snyder scripsit:

>>3) adoption of the various supra-consonantal vowel and accent systems
> 4) The abandonment of most of the apparatus introduced in step 3, as far
> as productive use of the script is concerned, reverting to the 22CWSA.

I don't think that it can be described as "abandonment". The vowel
system was only ever used for a limited range of texts, and continues to
be used for a limited range of texts to this day, in parallel to use of
the 22CWSA for most other texts written in the script.

Even more so the accent system which, except possibly as a conceit, is
only ever applied to the Biblical text.

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