Re: Just if and where is the then?

From: Jon Hanna (
Date: Wed May 05 2004 - 11:08:56 CDT

> > Laughter: Yes, Doug I could see what you have done, but it does not
> > appear right or look right. It is just like putting the nose where the
> > eyes are supposed to be a bit out of phase; especially with the dot
> > below and even worst when one is considering O with dot below...
> It looks fine, or not fine, depending on which font and operating system
> you are using. I'm using Lucida Sans Unicode on Windows 95 and the dot
> is just a bit too far to the left.
> These are minor, not dreadful, display problems which can be solved now
> by choosing a different font, or later when fonts and rendering engines
> are updated to improve the placement of combining marks. This is a more
> portable and less costly solution than developing a new 8-bit encoding.

Provably so, since producing a font that renders those grapheme clusters
correctly is a perfect subset of the work involved in developping and using a
new 8-bit encoding.

Jon Hanna
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